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Name: adjust cupboard hinges with led light LED-S Brand: kav
Model: LED-S LED power: 0.24W
Lamp body size: 49MM W, 15.4MM L Button size: L36mm
LED light source: 3PCS SMD3528 LED lamp: 1PCS high-power lamp
LED color: white packaging: 200 / box
Application: Furniture, cabinet, kitchen, bathroom, etc.  


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adjust cupboard hinges with led light LED-S adjust cupboard hinges with led light LED-S


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①. the use of new high-efficiency LED Technology: with high efficiency, power saving, long life, energy saving, environmental protection, explosion-proof, cold light, suitable for all kinds of places to use.

②. the bottom screw fixation, simple installation method.

③. LED light source of life in more than 50000 hours.

④. Apply to 98% family regular hinge.

⑤. mechanical sensor switch, alternative magnetic touch switch, induction is more sensitive.


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