How to choose furniture hardware in house customization? Wrong choice, waste vigor and money

author: kav
If the cabinet panel is compared to the bones and muscles of the human, then the role of hardware in the cabinet is equivalent to the joints.

Although the furniture hardware is not eye-catching in front of the cabinet, it directly affects the use experience and service life of the cabinet.

A cabinet can be opened and closed tens of thousands of times. If it is not selected correctly, the cabinet will not be closed tightly after a period of use, and the drawers will difficult to pull, and there will be noises.

So in the whole house customization, how to select the hardware that there will be no mistakes?

Classification of furniture hardware

In house customization, hardware can be divided into two kinds, basic and functional hardware.

Basic hardware: that can assemble the cabinet panels, including hinges, drawer slides, screws, hangers, etc.

1. Hinges

Hinges:  It plays the role of connecting the cabinet and door panels, which is the core component of the basic hardware.

When installing, need to check that must be filled at least three screws for the four-hole, and the two-hole door hinge must be filled fully two screws.

2. Drawer slides

It is generally used on drawers or sliding cabinet doors,which determine whether the drawers and cabinet doors can be opened normally. In general, most of the cabinets inside the wardrobe use sidemount slide rails. If have high requirements for the loading, it can use the undermount slides.

The best choice would be the soft close drawer slide, which is not only silent, but also can buffer the force of opening and closing the door. Take full extension slide but not single extension.

Functional hardware: that are with special functions, including handles, clothes hangers, straighteners, push open latch, baskets, trouser racks, storage racks, etc.

1. Kitchen basket

In kitchen cabinet customization, choose a corner basket or seasoning basket for better store kitchen supplies and making good use of the space. Advanced baskets generally have no weld marks, and the material is preferably stainless steel.

Summary: customized furniture is a long-term investment. When choosing hardware, you must choose high-quality hardware so that it can withstand the ravages of time.