kav push pull mirror for wardrobe with intelligent induction light

Unparalleled advantages of kav push pull mirror:
1. Space Saving. The wardrobe sliding mirror is integrated with the wardrobe. It does not take up space and is convenient to use. You can easily pull out when used and hide it in the wardrobe by pushing in when not in use. convenient to use and well-save your small space. The slide rail design is stylish and beautiful. push pull mirror is installed on the side of the cabinet. When in use, the mirror can be pulled out for use right in front you. be easily pushed inside wardrobe when not in use.
2. Easy to use. Aluminum alloy frame equipped with a sealing strip to prevent the mirror from loosening, and there is no gap in the corner splicing of the frame. Practical and convenient push-pull type. You only need to pull the frame of the mirror out when needed and push back into wardrobe to its original position when not in use,this can effectively protect the mirror.

Kav wardrobe push-pull mirror combines the advantages of conventional sliding mirrors,also adding LED light effects. LED light will automatically turns on by pulling out the mirror, and when you push back in the wardrobe, the light automatically turns off, making the wardrobe and mirror full of sense of fashion and luxury! Equipped with 10000mah power bank, allow a long using time! Stable slide rail brings you a silent and smooth close-open operation. kav, your smart choice for a modern stylish home life!

Video on Youtube: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=yf_LKRRyoyA