Soft close ball bearing drawer slide

When consumers choose furniture products, such as some cabinets or bookcases, they should pay attention to the selection of drawers. And the most important thing for drawer is the slide runner they used.with good quality slide track, the quality problem of whole drawer can be well safeguard. And we now have normal slide and soft close slide on the current market,but more and more people tend to choose the soft close slide,so what are the advantages choosing a soft close slide?
A soft close slide reduce the friction coefficient to a very small range, this will lead to a gentle and silent close-open operation and a very good noise reduction effect.what’s more the accuracy has been well improved, because of the addition of a damper device, the slide structure will be more complex than the ordinary one, also making it more functional.Furniture like document cabinets, as well as bathroom cabinets, will choose this soft close slide, people feel more handy when using, we just need a gentle push, the drawer can automatically close in a gentle way, and the items that placed inside will not have the problem of sloshing displacement.
Also due to the more complex structure, the price for soft close slide is higher than the ordinary slide. When making a purchase, we must pay more attention to the small part
accessories. If the quality of the slide is not good, the operation may be not so smooth as imagined, other problems are also likely to arise. It will lead to failure pretty quickly, and later maintenance or direct replacement is needed.
What is the material that needs to consider it above all when making a choice, if you choose a ball bearing slide, there will be different widths, and there are three metal combination, the installation is simpler, also can help in saving space, now a lot of in high-end furniture on market is more inclined to use this kind of slide.
kav durable and stable soft close drawer slide runner rail,with kav damper device,allowing a perfectly gentle close, which can well protect your furniture and avoid the unnecessary noise,1.2*1.2*1.5 material thickness,allows a high loading capacity up to 30kgs,you can fill up your drawers without worrying about the smoothness and soft close effect ,over 50000 times close open test,48 hours salt spray test and 5 years guarantee.kav,help in making higher end furniture.
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