2016 International Building&Construction Fair– 4.2-32A kav live show—kav in fair 4

Here we go with kav live show on 2016 International Building&Construction Fair, about intelligent electronic drawer system, Super Slim Double Wall Drawer System, and latest cabinet hinges&drawer slides. A big surprise is ready for you.

Super Slim Double Wall Drawer System    kav two cup cabinet hinges

Before the big day, kav team come to check if all of them are worked well, aiming at offering you the best performance.

kav drawer slide series  kav cabinet hinges series

And here we come to the very first day of the fair, kav gathered at 7 o’clock and drive to Guangzhou. It takes around 2 hours due to the rush hour, finally we made it to welcome our lovely customers all around the world.

kav team meeting customers  kav in Guangzhou fair

And our general manager, kingwen, is on broadcasting by the reporter. Introduce you that kav is always aiming at customizing you a better living and working condition with high quality furniture hinges&drawer slides.

kingwen on boradcasting                             kav cabinet hinges&drawer slides


See you tomorrow at same 4.2-32A, Guangzhou. Contact us by +86 13825770682.

kav soft close drawer slides

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