3D Adjustable Soft Closing Cabinet Hinges–LK3DH–kav hinge series 21

Typically the hinges are divided into European cabinet hinges and American type hinges. And comes to 3D adjustable cabinet hinges, included by European hinges. And kav LK3DH, new member of kav 3D types of cabinet hinges, check the spotlights below:

LK3DH 3D adjustable soft closing cabinet hinges              S3508B 35mm cup American type cabinet hinges


First, we are proud to say, the design for LK3DH, will make you surprise when you see it. After a long time R&D, combined with the feedback from kav lovely customers, show you the best soft closing concealed cabinet hinges. Two clips are available here.

LK3DH 3D adjustable soft closing cabinet hinges             LK3DH soft closing adjustable cabinet hinges


The right one is preferred by the consumers, due to it is easier to dismount by less force. In this way we can save the human resource. For the L series, auto hinges, one way soft closing cabinet hinge, stainless steel cabinet hinges are ready for you except the 3D adjustable cabinet hinges.

LK135H one way clip on cabinet hinges             LK304H stainless steel 304 self closing cabinet hinges

More detailed information for kav cabinet hinges, follow us on www.kavhinge.com.

kav soft close drawer slides

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