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As KAV Hardware international Co., Ltd has several channel of sales, like:

KAV official site: www.kavhinge.com

KAV Alibaba site: https://kav.en.alibaba.com/

KAV facebook:


Many people including some people who want to whole sale KAV products, some people want to become KAV distributor, some people what to buy KAV cabinet hinges and slides to sale in their market. Some of them are want to buy by thousands, some of them are buying from us containers by containers.

Sometimes when someone ask KAV to get a quotation and then tell us your quotation is expensive. For those people, I would like to share a question, and please think about it regardless you are going to buy from KAV or not:

When you are going to buy a car, will you choose the cheapest one? Or you will choose the best one with the best quality that you can afford?

KAV is a company with passion, we know that there are giants in the same industry, but KAV is dedicating to producing the best products with best quality and best service to our customer (including direct customer and our business partner-KAV agents/distributor). We are not producing the cheapest products, and we are not trying to get a lot of money by cheating some people with lot of money. We are building a brand that has a share in the heart of customers of hinges and slides from all over the world, and our vision is that when people is talking about hinges and slides, KAV is one of the brands that will raise up in their mind.

With this vision, we are using the best materials with most efficient production procedure, we do not produce rubbish, and we are not just producing products, we produce products with high quality in reasonable price and we are producing a brand that can get a position in customers hearts. So we may not have the cheapest in the market, but please remember: KAV always trying to produce the best product with reasonable price. And we are trying to offer best service to our customers. You may say what is the best service? There too much to talk about in this topic of best service. And KAV is paying so much attention and doing so much training and internal standard to achieve this.

With all the effort our boss Kingwen Liang and brand building team have made, KAV has got some recognition in the market, many customer like or even we can say they love KAV. Some of KAVS`s agents all over the world they are doing great in their own market. They are delivering from KAV several containers of kav hinges and slides.

So, dear friend, when you are thinking that KAV products are expensive, please try to think about this: why the other KAV agents/customers are selling so good of their products? And also, please compare to those more expensive products in the market. Are we really expensive? Absolutely not. Its your recognition, your faith of your business and your determination of conquering a market with your foresight.

Want to do something to conquer your market? Come and contact KAV, we will be your best support.

Mainly introduction of KAV products:

Cabinet hinges:

-Soft close hinges
3D adjustable kitchen cabinet hinges series


KAV slides

-Ball bearing sliedes

-Concealed drawer slides

– Heavy duty drawer slides

-Soft close drawer slides


Double wall drawer system


Contact us:


Email: gary@kavhinge.com

kav Hardware International Co.,Ltd.

Add: No.17 Aoshitang Industrial Area ,Guanlong Road Dongcheng District ,Dongguan City ,Guandong Province ,China 523000

Tel: 86-769-83060101 | Fax: 86-769-27204052 | Mobile: 86-13825770682 |QQ : 3117406136

Website : www.kavhinge.com | www.kavslide.com

kav soft close drawer slides

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