Best Selling This month – High Level Stainless Steel 304 Material 165 degree hinge—kav hinge series 8

165 degree stainless steel soft close hingeStainless Steel Hinges is always our advantage products ,especially SS304 material hinge .
“We choose you from 4 supplier ,because of your communication and quality” this is the original sentence from our customer .
We are not surprised to hear this .Many customer turn to us after used several low price products ,and even can not pass 12 hours salt spray test and get rusty . There is also customer to put our Stainless Steel Soft Close Hinges into salt water together with other supplier sample for a whole night  .And we are told that the result is so obviously that our sample only have little rusty on the component ,but the samples from other supplier get rusty even on the hinge body .

Stainless Steel Soft Close Hinge

Why customer choose us ,because they want to use the cabinet hinges in the house near sea and also some want to use in boat .So they choose best Stainless steel quality like us . And even some customer may choose cheaper SS304 material hinge used in Kitchen ,which is a more wet environment .
For this reason ,we want to say that you can choose our cold rolled steel hinge .Cause we are supplying best finishing for cold rolled steel as well which can help avoid rusty in kitchen .

Please feel free to contact us for more information .Below is our SS304 hinge material of each part for your better understanding .

kav soft close drawer slides

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