Big Sales After Black Friday

Black Friday yesterday, did you have a good time to the stores? And how many discount have you got ?

And here is how Black Friday come from:

“Black Friday” is the (originally derisive, now mainstream) term for the phenomenon that takes place in the U.S. on the day after Thanksgiving Thursday, when millions of consumers who get the day off from work or school crowd into stores for what is traditionally considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. The origins of the term “Black Friday” have become somewhat obscured in the mists of time, however, leading people to invent fanciful explanations for how that phrase became attached to the day after Thanksgiving. One example posits that the term started with a tradition of slaveowners or slave traders using that day as an opportunity for selling their wares:


kav hardware is working on an discount plan and will display the soft close hinges, double wall drawer system, ball bearing slide, concealed slides etc in a big discount for coming Christmas. Pls follow the page on Facebook and to get updated information.

kav soft close drawer slides

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