Customer’s affirmation is our best motivation


Sales Manager

It is always our goal to make all customer satisfied .And we also hope that if you are not our customer yet ,you can also give a chance to let us have a try of cabinet hinges and drawer slides.
Cause no matter which supplier you are now buying from ,you always need a alternative for your future cooperate in case that your current customer can not meet all your requests on production time ,price , quality or new products development .

Here is one of our customer who buy from HETTICH and HAFELE before .And their manager knows a lot about those 2 brand quality . And we are happy that they are satisfied with our quality after test our samples, including double wall drawer system, soft close hinge etc . Here is the feedback about our samples .

And we already make appointment that we will meet again to discuss the cooperation and place orders by next Wednesday . If you saw this article ,we hope that you can also give yourself a choice . Cause it is not right to put all eggs in one basket .

kav soft close drawer slides

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