Customers become agents/distributors of KAV cabinet hinge and drawer slides

About KAV agent / distributor recruitment

Recently many customers have come to headquarter of KAV cabinet hinge and drawer slides, why they come so frequently recently? Maybe because they heard or know from their friend that KAV is now paying much  attention to spreading the KAV brand influence and searching for qualified company and people to  become agent / distributor of KAV .

All our customers know Kav takes “innovation, sharing, win-win” as its core ideas, which demands us do what customers think and super customers’ expectation.

The reason why KAV is dedicating  to contract agents in many countries all over the word is that we what these KAV agent/distributors to spread the spirit, the core ideas to serve our customer in a more close distance. In this way we can break the barrier of language, break the barrier of distance, KAV agent will represent KAV to serve you face to face, or at least you do not need to worry to fly to China discuss with us about some very tiny question, our Agent will serve you in a KAV way and KAV manner. This is very important part of KAV brand, and we will pay attention to make sure our Agents/distributors knowing this and will act “KAV”.

So what are you waiting for? Please come and check out details about becoming KAV distributor.

Poeple who come to discuss with us about becoming agent / distributor of KAV alway know our main products line,they also sing high praise to our hot sellers:

Cabinet hingesKK135H,  K3DTHX 3D,  etc.

Drawer slides:  45315H,   Y45315, etc.

Double wall drawer system: E660H05;  662BLHI; etc.

All of those products are delivered containers by containers to our agents and then to the dealers, direct customers.

With this chance, KAV would like to show our appreciation to all our customer and agents / distributors, because of you, that KAV can keep our original intention “Keep Adding Value”  we are and we will do our best to offer you with best product with high quality and best service.

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