Fantastic Smart Furniture Ideas, Electric basket series

This video is to show kav intelligent electric basket and electric drawer system and so on…Welcome to Customize your own cabinet… kav handle free kitchen cabinet door right angle induction / remote control lifting system, slightly touch induction open and close,3 meters away remote control,easy and convenient operation, with kav damping system,allow cabinet door to be closed in a soft gentle way! Simple action to widely open up cabinet door with all your stuff in reach! high end quality making this stable and also got long working time in different environment,wide application for kinds of furniture with single door panel that needs a right angle turning upward,suitable for cabinets with smaller height,storage cabinet and hanging cabinets above refrigerator! kav, a furniture hardware manufacturer that never let you down!

kav means keep adding value, is a Germany brand , kav is professional manufactory of furniture hardware, kitchen accessories, and luxury wardrobe accessories, with main products: soft close hinge, drawer slide, push to open hinges and drawer slides, undermount,and double wall drawer drawer system and kinds of home decoration accessories. As a manufacturer, in order to satisfy customers’ additional value of high-level requirements, improve people’s quality of life and realize the proprietary brand expansion, we relies on the international high-end brand image of Kav, combines with decades of hardware production experience and depends on a perfect industrial chain, including self-built metal stamping workshop, plastic production workshop, buffer production workshop, electroplating and powder spray production workshop, mold manufacturing workshop, which let us controls all production processes of Kav household hardware, except purchasing raw materials.

To know more about kav hinges, go to kav hardware channel:… or please go to kav official site: or facebook:… If you are interested in kav slide, you can go to: Contact:

kav soft close drawer slides

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