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kav cabinet hinges series

3D? What does that mean? Like 3D movie? 3D in furniture hardware fields, mostly used with hinge, means we can make them left-right, up-down, and front-backward adjustment.
Here are our kav 3 types 3D adjustable soft close hinges below:

Top 1:kav Top 3D clip on soft close hinges–K3DTH

3d soft close hinges K3DTH09
3d soft close hinges K3DTH09

The selling is the unique flip on the cup, installed this hinge without screws. Another advantage is the T-type base plate, perfectly fit with the hinge itself. Isn’t it looks amazing?


Top 2:kav best selling clip on 3D soft close hinges–K3DOH

3d soft close hinges K3DOH09
3d soft close hinges K3DOH09

How about this one? Many customers prefer the design of the button, the three line you can check, it makes more luxury. On the other side, the adjustable range is larger, they can reach 5–8mm instead of the standard one which is 3-5mm.


Top 3:kav competitive 3D adjustable soft close hinges–K3DH

3d soft close hinges K3DH09
3d soft close hinges K3DH09

While for this one, it is the quite simple and standard type. With 3D adjustable function, closed softly when we close the door, without any noise same everything like above two items. With standard adjustable range, quite meet the middle-level market.

That’s all for today’s class with 3D soft close hinge series. Have you found the one you prefer?

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