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kav cabinet hinges series


Here is the video about kav 165 degree soft close hinges:

Hello, everyone. I’m Davis Chow from kav furniture hardware.

Glad to be here to introduce our 165 degree soft close hinges to you.

The opening angle can be 165 to 175 degree.

makes the stuff on the cabinets all in your eyes when you open the door.

Check the standard hinge in the other side, the opening angle they can reach is 90 to 105 degree.

This is the unique advantage of kav 165 degree soft close hinges.

Closing the door, no noise at all, due to the soft close function.

“Duang”, the noise is so big, shorten the using life of your cabinets.


kav 165 degree soft close hinges
kav 165 degree soft close hinges


We can reach the overlay adjustable through the screw on the hinge.

Now it is half overlay.

And here is the screw, twist it, see, it is full overlay now.

It is the screw that can achieve left-right adjust of door panel.

Except that, the two screws in the base plate can adjust the door panel up and down.

in case that the door panel is not even with side one.

Fixed the screws when make it even.

While for the screw in the end of hinge, used to adjust when there is a gap here.

Let’s see how does this happen.

You can check the gap, adjust the screw, prefectly fit with the panel.

And it can used for door panel which is 18mm.

Closed softly with 165 degree opening angle, that’s it.

kav 165 degree soft close hinges. That’s all for today. Thank you.

To be continued.

kav soft close drawer slides

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