How to Determining The Type of Drawer Slide to use-Visibility

Some customer always ask KAV questions like:

How to choose the right drawer slides?

What do I need to think about and check to choose a right drawer slides.

Choosing a sutable drawer slides seems to be quite a confusing task for some customer. It is because there are too many different style of slides, with different function, weight capacities and different quality.

There are many famous manufacturers of drawer slides,such as Accuride, Fulterer and KAV. While there are many options and choices, quality and cost are always most important between those consideration elements.

To help you to decide the right drawer slides you may want to buy, below is some information that  you may consider:
2.Drawer Access
5.Some functions.

Today we would love to tell you about the first point: Visibility:


There are 2 kind of slides from visibility point: Side mount and under-mount.

Check detailed items for

KAV Side mount slides (ball bearing slides)

KAV Undermount slides


Side Mount:

You can choose KAV ball bearing slides:

Available in many weights from 25KG to 225KG

Available with full extension,single extension

And also available with self close, soft close, and touch open.

All of them are with high quality at best price.

Advantage:Cheaper compared to undermount/concealed slides.And also with great quality.

Disadvantage: As the are side mounted, so it is visible when the drawer is extened, not so good-looking comparing to concealed drawer slides.


Featured products of KAV ball bearing slides:

1)45 mm width Soft Close ball bearing slides

2)35mm witdth Soft Close ball bearing slides

3)45 mm width normal ball bearing slides

4)Heavy duty ball bearing slides


Under Mount

Slides are mounted under the drawer box and not visible when the drawer is extended.

Under mount drawer slides are also called concealed drawer slides, comparing to ball bearing slides, you can make the drawer more beautiful as you can not see the slides when they are extened.

Featured products of KAV ball bearing slides:

1)Full extension soft close concealed drawer rails with iron damper and 3d adjustable handle 663BLHI-D

2)Full extension concealed push to open drawer slides with handle|kitchen drawer slides 663FLI

3)Full extension concealed soft close and push to open drawer slides with iron damper 883BHF


To be continue…

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