How to realize a smart kitchen?

With the advancement of technology, our way of life is constantly changing.

The quality of modern life is constantly improving, and people are no longer satisfied with the functions of traditional kitchens. So modern smart kitchens have appeared.

How to realize a smart kitchen? Smart furniture hardware is indispensable.

Next, we will introduce the electric cabinet door support among them.

Induction ope and close cabinet support

The height of the wall cabinet from the ground is relatively high, so for most people, it is not easy to open the door of the wall cabinet.

kav’s electric cabinet support parallel lifting system easily solves this problem.

With the servo drive system, your cabinet door can be opened and closed by touching the door panel or remotely, and it can be stopped at any angle you want.

The load-bearing capacity can reach 9 KG, so heavier cabinet doors can be opened easily.

The door panel turns up parallelly, which makes it easier for you to take items.

With kav damping system, the door of cabinet can be closes gently.


If you are designing your smart kitchen, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

kav high-quality hardware perfectly presents the kitchen you want in your heart.

kav soft close drawer slides

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