Is SS hinge magnetic or not ?

By Bella

Sales Manager

Today another customer send RFQ in Alibaba about SS material clip on soft close hinge and the requests with photos are as follows :  
There is no problem about the requests and the photos ,but what I surprised is that will SS material hinge be cheap ? And will SS hinge magnetic ?

Firstly , honestly to say ,SS material absolutely expensive ,comparing with iron hinge ,due to higher material costs .
Secondly ,even iron material can be non-magnetic ,while even SS material can be magnetic .

Below is our PURE SS material hinge which has SGS test for the material .

Stainless Steel 304 Cabinet Hinge--K304H
Stainless Steel 304 Cabinet Hinge–K304H

If you are interested to know the reason ,please pay attention to our next article or contact whatsapp +8613825770682 or email .

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