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Currently more than 98 percent of households nationwide have not yet enjoy the smart home products brought convenient and comfortable life, which means that the smart home industry a huge market, huge opportunities, cis Should the trend, wise decisions, quickly joined the ranks of smart home, smart home share a great success!

Smart Home as a sunrise industry type, then it is a great opportunity to develop and improve the general category of products, and constantly improve the industrial pattern, large market environment gradually into the trend, join now, sitting opportunities!


kav intelligent furniture hardware

Our advantages

Management advantages: the entire operational management program that helps you from scratch, quickly into management roles, led your team to success in Easy boss to improve their value, reflecting their skills;

Product advantages: multi-product range, product quality insurance is the foundation of your success;

Price advantage: Factory direct production costs can be controlled independently;

R & D strengths: the introduction of new products, increase product variety, improve the level of competition;

Technological advantages: independent research and development, intellectual property rights, function can be freely changed according to the requirements of the seller;

Training advantage: the company has specialized management training system that can provide comprehensive training for guests.

If you are a person who is professional and having long-term plan and foresight, please join Kav Strategic Alliance! We promise that we will establish Kav as the most competitive international Chinese furniture hardware brand.