kav 270 degree cabinet door hinge– kav hinge series 29

When it comes to cabinetry, no component is more important than you hinges. And when you want to reach out the large opening for your cabinet , kav 270 degree cabinet door hinge, is your best choice.

opening angle--270 degree cabinet door hingeclosing--270 degree cabinet door hinge

They are made by zinc alloy, which owns a better corrosion resisting than cold rolled steel. From what we can see, the opening angle is 270 degree, large enough for you to get everything in the cabinet. It will be 90 degree when we closed the door, some customer may call them 90 degree cabinet hinges. And fixed on–clip on base plate are both available.

270S---fixed on 270 degree cabinet hinges
270S—fixed on 270 degree cabinet hinges

270K--clip on 270 degree cabinet door hinge    270K--270 degree clip on cabinet door hinge

Special angle hinges series are being inquired in the last few years, with their accurate, design, and hi-tech with prefect function, to meet all the standards from our lovely consumers. More information, stay with us on www.kavhinge.com.

kav soft close drawer slides

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