kav 360 degree Rotatable Multi-layer shoes Rack for Wardrobe

The rotating shoe rack is beautiful and fashionable, well-made

Design: 360 degree revolving

Layer: 4/6/8/10/12 layers

Strong accommodating capacity: the rotating shoe rack can be rotated 360 degrees, both sides can store shoes, staggered storage, space utilization is high, a 12-story shoe cabinet can basically store 50 pairs of shoes, basically a family wears it all year round, all the shoes can be collected.


Space saving: It is another advantage of the rotating shoe rack, because it is rotatable, it saves space when stored in the cabinet. The shoe rack has different levels of specifications, and the layer height can also be fine-tuned.

Traditional shoe cabinets VS kav 360 degree Rotatable Multi-layer shoes Rack

Traditional shoe cabinets and shoe racks are generally not easy to move and are not durable. For example, the integrated shoe cabinet requires a high cost of secondary decoration due to non-durability problems, and the storage of shoes is single due to excessive storage of shoes, which may cause shoes to squeeze and deform. kav 360 degree shoe rack has the advantages of being durable and beautiful, being able to move at will, occupying a small area in the house, storing various types of shoes, and using its own space to store more than traditional shoe cabinets.

kav soft close drawer slides

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