kav Automated Kitchen Lift Basket

With the development of science and technology, the kitchen has also become a very important part of the decoration design. Most of people require the kitchen to store a lot of items but simple in design. Now, the electronic and high-tech kitchen hardware has made our kitchens more and more intelligent.

Do you remember what a traditional kitchen is like? All kinds of cooking utensils and seasoning bottles are spread all over the countertop. When the hands were soaked in flour, they had to lean over or raise them to find an ingredient.

The troubles that I experienced in the kitchen before can now be resolved one by one in the smart kitchen. Hidden most of the kitchen supplies in the cabinet, visually free of debris in the space makes people feel happy. The appearance becomes more and more simple, but the inner function is more and more powerful, and the design is more humane, and the use is simpler.

Today we will introduce one of the hardware that realizes smart kitchen——Electric kitchen lifting basket

Automated Kitchen Lift Basket for Cabienthttps://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/kav-tableware-kitchen-cabinet-electric-lifter_1700003877591.html?spm=a2747.manage.0.0.3bdf71d22gQGek

Wall cabinets are often too high, so they are generally used to place items that are not commonly used. However, if you install an electric lifting basket, you can store a variety of items at will. It can also be easily accessed at high places, which greatly improves the use of the wall cabinet. rate. When in use, lightly press to lower, convenient to take dishes and seasonings, and raise and hide in the wall cabinet when not in use to keep the wall neat and beautiful.

Let’s start smart kitchen life with kav!

kav soft close drawer slides

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