KAV Face Frame Soft Close Hinges Partial Overlay Cabinet Hinges –kav hinge series 22

KAV new face frame cabinet hinges, the soft closing mechanism is integrated in the hinge cup, and continue to provide the quality of motion you have come to expect from kav hardware. Like we mentioned in article 21, this is about American Type Cabinet Hinges, which is face framed, had a panel between the door and side panel. Here you can check how it is looks in the face frame cabinets.

G3D32H 3D adjustable face frame soft close cabinet hinges       face-frame-cabinet-hinges

Since 1980s kav cabinet hinges have proven itself as the high quality solution for face frame cabinets. Generally we have four way adjustable and six way adjustment face frame soft close hinges and standard hinges.

2D32H four way adjustable soft close cabinet hinges     3D32H adjustable soft close hinges

And to make it clear with the size of this soft close hinges, we kav stick the overlay on the hinge bottom. In this way we can easily get the size what we want and figure it out if this is what we want. Adopted slow motion device inside, make sure closed softly for the life of the cabinet hinges.

More information, stay with us on www.kavhinge.com.

kav soft close drawer slides

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