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Glass door hinge, some of us may curious about how does they used? What if the door is glass or acrylic rather than wooden door, while the panel for your cabinets are made by wood, what kind of cabinet hinges can quite fit for? Here comes kav soft close cabinet hinges for glass door.

Glass Door Hinge--3D Base Plate    GK35H09 Clip On Glass Door Soft Close Hinges


The glass door soft close cabinet hinges, which offers the best solution for you, when you choose the door to be glass or acrylic for better sightseeing with stuff inside. The installation is same as the standard cabinet hinges, fix the base plate on the panel, and the cup in the glass, easily done. 35MM and 26MM cup are available here.

GS35H09 Fixed On 35MM Glass Door Hinges      GS26H07 26MM Cup Mini Glass Door Soft Close Hinges


Since 3D base plate are becoming popular in the market, which can reach the adjustment with the uneven issues happened during installation, we are happy to tell that the 3D base plate is also fit with the glass door hinge, turns out 3D adjustable glass door hinges.

GK3DH 3D Adjustable Soft Closing Glass Door Hinge      GK3DH 3D Adjustable Soft Closing Glass Door Hinge

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