kav going live forcast-Different Cabinet hinges and the advantage of them

kav cabinet hinge

There are so many kinds of hinges for furniture, the cabinets, glass doors, and so on

From function aspect, we kav got cabinets for wood cabinets door, glass door for shower rooms,
From different disign of the cabinets, we go full overlay, half overlay, and insert,
From the using feeling and customer feeling aspect, we got soft close hinge, one way hinge, two way hinges for your option, it depends how would you like your furniture and cabinets or kitchen cupboard to looks like, to be simple or luxury.

We also have different hinges in different angles, 90 degree hinge, 45 degree hinge, 30 degree hinge, 180 degree hinge,270 degree hinge…

For the color, kav is available with zinc clolor hinges, blackcolor hinges, with zinc plated, or chrome plated, for some traditional furniture, kav also got the bronze color hinge for your choice.

For the hole distance, kav hinges have different design like hinge with 48 mm/ 45mm/52mm

To save time, kav also hve the most popular and fasion hinge: the snap down hinge, you only need to snap down the up cover to lock the cabinet door panel, very easy and convenient.

We still go so many to let you know, if you want to get some professional info, please come and join us of the live:

kav soft close drawer slides

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