kav push to open and soft close Jewelry box with servo drive

Shakespeare once said: Jewelry is silent, but can understand women’s hearts better. For woman, they are regarded as treasures, because they have nothing to do with status, money or appearance.

kav Wardrobe Jewelry Box in the home brings a lot of convenience to people’s life and Wardbrobe Jewelry Box brings joy to the people who change cloths in the cloakroom. You can put your different jewelry into differrent levels according to your hobbies and it’s very convenient to choose when matching clothes.

Advantages: It can protect the inside of your jewelry from dust, fingeprints, scratches and penalty for damages.

Space saving: It helps you to save the space and dust, no matter how messy your jewelry is, put it in jewelry box, you can easily find your jewelry, keep your room clean and tidy.

Convenient storage: Better placement of jewelry, fox example, the chain will not be knotted and etc.


A nice piece of option of your luxury wardrobe, kav push to open and soft close jewel box with servo drive, smooth, mute, and with intelligent servo drive system and with fashionable Hermes color, looks noble and luxury, you worth it…

kav soft close drawer slides

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