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kav cabinet hinges series

Here is the video about kav soft close american types of hinges:

Today we are getting to know our kav American types of hinges.

Ordinary it is face framed, and this is the 1/2” overlay.

We have two different type of the adjustable screws, with same function.

Please check here. And for this one, it is 3D adjustable American Type Hinges, can reach the adjustable up-down. front-back, left and right.

As to the size, we can see from the surface, 1/2” and 1-1/4”, they are the ordinary size.

And we can make it 1-3/16” and 1-3/8”and 1-1/2” at the same time.

We have normal and soft close avaliable.

This is our two way normal Amercian Type hinges, and this is the one with soft close function.

The latter one is more popular in the market, the damper is inside the cup, makes your furniture looks more luxury,and closed softly when they closed.


3D32H soft close american types of hinges
3D32H soft close american types of hinges


Here we go to take a look at the Amercian type fumiture.

The typical American faceframed furniture, different from Europe furniture, has the door panel which is 18mm.

If we use our standard hinges, the arm would be too long to install.

That’s why we need to install with Amercian short arm hinges to fit with it.

We can put them in a certain position, closed softly.

Here we installed now is our two way normal American type hinges, when we close the door, you can hear the loud noise.

What 1/2” overlay mean, you can see the door panel was covered around 12mm, see from the inside.

If we installed 1-1/4” overlay, we can make it covered 32mm.

That’s all for today,about Amercian type funiture and hinges.

To be continued.

kav soft close drawer slides

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