kav soft close cabinet hinges with LED light—kav hinge series 12

Some customers complaints it would be too hard to see what inside clearly even when the lights on in the house. Is there any situation can solve this problem? Apparently yes. Here comes kav soft close cabinet hinges with LED light. Pls note the photos below for your reference below:

kav cabinet hinges with LED light


standard hinges with led light

1.The led light can be perfectly combined with standard cabinet hinges,soft close hinges, and removable.
2.Three lights,bright the drawer, and achieve energy-saving at the same time.
3.Made by ABS, high quality guarantee longer using life.
4.easy installment,LED which can be clamped on hinge arm ,When the door closed,the light off,when door opened,the light on.


kav soft close drawer slides

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