kav soft closing stainless steel hinge family—kav hinge series 18

Stainless steel cabinet hinge, mostly were found on the kitchen and shower room, with its highly rust-proof function, sells well in the market. Today we are going to introduce the kav soft closing stainless steel hinges for you.

35mm cup self closing SS hinge. The most popular one orders from our consumers. As we all known, the grade can be SS201 and SS304, which 304 owns higher rusty proofed ability. And we can offer you the fixed on and clip on, which the base plate can separate from the hinge, makes it more convenient to adjust.


LK304H09 SS304 self closing hinge                LK304H09 stainless steel soft closing hinge


The next is the stainless steel soft close thick door hinge. Which fit for the door even the thickness is 30mm. From 16mm to 30mm.While ordinary 35mm only can reach 24mm. Meeting you all special requirements.

XS40H09-201 stainless steel thick door hinge            XS40H09-201 thick door stainless steel cabinet hinge

Last but not the least. The 165 degree soft closing stainless steel hinge becomes more and more popular in the market. People are looking for the large opening angle hinges in their cabinets, and needs to be stainless steel to protect the hinges get rusted. That’s why kav SS 180 degree self closing hinges come out.

K165HA-304 165 degree self closing hinge         K165HA-304 stainless steel self closing hinge


More information about kav cabinet hinges&drawer slides, follow us on www.kavhinge.com. See u at 17th, August.

kav soft close drawer slides

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