kav use of 180 degree hinge and 135 degree hinge combination

This video will show you kav use of 180 degree hinge and 135 degree hinge combination on the cabniet door. When purchasing concealed hinges, pay attention to the opening angle. Standard hinges have an opening angle of 95° or 110°. Some furniture, like wardrobe cabinets door, come with wide angle hinges with opening angles of 165°. A larger opening angle improves the accessibility of the cabinet interior. But it is not always required or even useful to install hinges with the maximum opening angle: For most applications, 110° are perfect. In some situations, e.g. in corners, a limited opening angle avoids the door to touch other cabinets or walls.



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*Application:Wardrobe, home furniture, office furniture, house decoration projects.


kav soft close drawer slides

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