kav wardrobe pants rack

The wardrobe pantry frame is the wardrobe storage piece specially designed in the wardrobe for the dress, the trousers, the tie, some unsuitable folding clothing. The trousers bar frame of wardrobe trousers frame is generally made of aluminum magnesium alloy. An anti-slip rubber strip is arranged on the trousers frame to prevent the trousers from sliding and to keep the trousers beautiful and practical. Wardrobe pants rack easy to access clothes, while increasing the storage of clothes. Wardrobe pants rack push-pull practical convenience, just pull the handle can be pulled out of the wardrobe, and then choose the required items at will.

  1. wardrobe pants rack is a wardrobe specially designed for dress, trousers, ties, some clothes that should not be folded.
  2. wardrobe pants rack for easy access to clothes, while increasing the storage of clothes. The bottom of the wardrobe trousers is equipped with guide rail, which can pull all the products out of the cabinet for easy use.
  3. wardrobe pants rack is generally made of aluminum magnesium alloy, in the pants rack with anti-slip rubber strip to prevent trousers from sliding, to keep trousers beautiful and practical. Links
  4. hanging trousers with wardrobe pant rack can ensure that the trousers are fully stretched and keep the trousers flat and beautiful.
  5. wardrobe pant rack can be neatly hanging a number of trousers and easy to take, while avoiding frequent ironing caused damage to trousers; 6. wardrobe pant rack is installed in the middle of the wardrobe, making full use of the wardrobe space to avoid the waste of resources.


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