Lift Rod Support/Heavy Duty Gas Support

By Jamie (Sales Representative)

Of course kav can offer you some gas support as they are required in the kitchen cabinet. And some of us need the heavy duty one to support the cabinet door for dishes. With high reputation and very good feedback, KG127, heavy duty gas support, is on the top of the list.

The advantage is, can freely stop at any angle with in 45 degree, and after that, with perfectly soft closing function. Video on Facebook is available by , and we have light duty&heavy duty, we will find out how to clear these two by the picture.

You can easily distinguish by the springs on the support. Three springs is the heavy duty one, the loading is 3-5KGS, and 2-4kgs loading shares the light duty. They are selling by piece and have the left and right part.

And the order of 1000 pcs starts production with the good feedback. Any inquires are welcomed here. Contact us by +86 13825770682.

kav soft close drawer slides

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