You Get What You Pay for-Stop Being after Low Prices

“Your prices are far higher than our target.” “So expensive!” “This price is not competetive in my market at all.” “Show me your costs in every section!” …Every day we face similar comments from the customers, who thinks the “competitive” price, rather than the good quality, is the key to winning.

This article is not saying how good kav products are. It’s all about the secret of low-pricing products and the benefit of the customers. Let’s see why there are hinges in such low price in the market.


kav 2 Way Auto Hinge

  1. Raw Material

In order to lower the costs, some manufacturers employ low-class material, instead of #Q195 steel, which is standard material used in automatic production. The low-class material is possibly  made of the overlefts from the production, so it’s cheap. But without much treated process, its quality is hardly ensured, even the thickness is unable to be controlled, which leads to poor quality of the hinges.  


kav 3D Adjustable Soft Closing Hinge with Clip-on Base

  1. Production Technique

In the standard production process, all the parts of a hinge are produced by strict-controlled molds and manchines, and all must be inspected before packed. Each section generates costs. To lower or remove these costs, some manufacturers even ignore the work quality control, and directly sell the hinges without any inspection. As consequences, the customers have to pay the after-sales costs.


kav 3D Adjustable Soft Closing Hinge with Clip-on Base

  1. Finish Process

Electronic plated and electrophresis are 2 common finishes to prevent hinges from rust. But some manufacturers use cheap material in the process of finishing, even worse than no finishes. Some hinges with poor finishes can be found rusty even at the moment you open the boxes.


Rust on Surface

The above are the main reasons why there are hinges in the market at such low prices. We have met so many customers who are after low prices. However, in the meanwhile, at present, we have several customers in 1 same country competing for the sole agent authority of kav, and we have partners in nearly 100 different areas thowing orders to us every month. These partners and allies, together with kav, hold the faith that taking good quality and service to the customers is the best way to win the markets. 

“You get what you pay for.” It’s a truth. Kav believe and insist giving you more than you pay for. By providing products in satisfying quality and considerate service, kav “Keeps Adding Value” for our partners and allies. 


kav soft close drawer slides

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