Soft close hinge for Aluminum door

Cabinet door opens and closes number to amount to tens of thousands of times, the stand or fall of aluminum frame hydraulic pressure hinge/high end cabinet hinges appear very important. Practice has proved that according to the nature of the use of ambry with aluminum frame door component itself, all sorts of domestic hinge are very inaccessible aluminum frame door the necessary quality requirements, so we can often see some aluminum frame door head, the status of the door is too large, and our best hydraulic hinges aluminum frame using the best quality domestic cold-rolled steel, good quality and hinge has excellent flexibility, corrosion resistance, In the use of freely open and close, no noise, can withstand tens of thousands of times of switching without deformation and damage. This one hinge is in destructive experiment, load 5 kilograms on cabinet door, switch 3 seconds/time, open and close life number can amount to 60 thousand times, routine operation is as high as 100 thousand times, did not appear any problem. Therefore, choosing small back cabinet hinges/insert frameless cabinet hinges bring you a different experience in life.


Soft close hinge

Fixed plate or Clip on (base can be removed)

Opening angel: 95 degree

Door thickness: 19-20mm

Main material: Cold-rolled steel

Finish: Electrophoretic Black, Nickel, Golden

Packing: 100 or 200pcs/ctn




kav soft close drawer slides

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