Stainless Steel or Cold Rolled Steel?

Stainless Steel or Cold Rolled Steel?

-The differences between the two materials and their respective strengths

The most popular used materials for hinges and slide rails in the hardware industry are cold-rolled steel and stainless steel, so many customers will want to know the difference between these two materials, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? How should I choose to make my furniture more durable? kav professional introduction let you make the best choice more clearly, thereby protecting your furniture for long-term use.

Cold rolled steel: It is harder than stainless steel, and generally has higher fatigue resistance, also more durable. For example, the opening and closing test, cold-rolled steel hinge/slide opening and closing test (a kind of aging test), our cold-rolled steel hinge/slide is over 50,000 times, and many stainless steel open-close times is relatively small (about 2-30000), but now kav’s stainless steel hinge can also pass 50000 times, and it is made of all stainless steel (all accessories can be made of stainless steel).

one way clip on soft close hinge with cold rolled steel

Stainless steel: The degree of rust resistance is much better, usually salt spray test is used to measure rust resistance.

one way stainless steel soft close hinge

Cold rolled steel material: 24-48 hours salt spray test(different grades of materials have different results) ;Stainless steel: 48-72-96 hours salt spray test(different grades of materials have different results)

Moreover, the properties of different grades of stainless steel are different: SS201 is a more general stainless steel, which has better rust and corrosion resistance than cold-rolled steel; SS304 stainless steel pipe has a slightly higher chromium and nickel content from the perspective of composition, and it is anti-rust , Corrosion resistance is better than 201; SS316 stainless steel is of better quality than 304 stainless steel, more wear-resistant, oxidation-resistant, and high-temperature resistance. At the same time, the corrosion resistance is also greatly increased. But 316 is very expensive, usually used in medical and high-level subjects, and furniture hardware is less used. And order raw materials in large quantities, and there are not many applications, so the MOQ requirements are large.

Therefore, if you do not have strict anti-rust requirements, you can choose cold-rolled steel material, the price is more economical, such as living room, bedroom, storage room, office, factory and other relatively dry environments. If you are in a relatively humid environment such as bathroom and kitchen, it is better to choose stainless steel hinge and slides and kav stainless steel sinks and kitchen baskets series.

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kav soft close drawer slides

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