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kav, the earliest cabinet hinges & drawer slides factory in China, is established in 1981. During the flourishing 2000, with its strong productive capacity and perfect supporting service on several thousand kinds of ordinary and special hinges and slides, kav becomes industry renowned in the world for its OEM with international giants, such as Hettich, Hafele, FGV and so on.

kav Intelligent Pop Up Socket-Smart furniture

kav Intelligent Pop Up Socket-Smart furniture

Looking for a revolutionary and modern power supply to perfectly suit your lifestyle and decor? Introducing motorised pop up unit from kav, an integrated and functional desk top power outlet offering convenient access to power and data without compromising your design. With one simple touch, the unit automatically emerges for use on the work top providing a fantastic space saving option for those wanting a stylish yet efficient power supply. The Wireless Charging adds more functionality to users who need a quick charge to keep them stay connected while the compact wireless speakers allows streaming music from Bluetooth-enabled devices. The motorised pop up unit features an Anti-Pinch Safety Mechanism that senses any obstacle in the path whilst it is lowering, if this occurs the unit reverses direction and raises again. When in closed position, rating provides almost complete protection from particles and a good level of protection against water. The flashing LED lights enhances the socket top ring when the unit is in motion creating a seamless blend to its simplistic & impressive design. Easy installation & customizable socket configuration makes this unit ideal work surface essential for kitchen countertops, home desks and office spaces. A practical and elegant alternative to revolutionize your office space & home.

The Important Accessories of Furniture – Cabinet Hinge

Cabinet hinge

In addition to the choice of good plates, the selection of hardware accessories for custom cabinets is also a very important issue. So what kind of hardware are generally used in custom wardrobes? How should we choose these hardware?

Stainless Steel or Cold Rolled Steel?

Stainless Steel or Cold Rolled Steel?

The most popular used materials for hinges and slide rails in the hardware industry are cold-rolled steel and stainless steel, so many customers will want to know the difference between these two materials, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? How should I choose to make my furniture more durable? kav professional introduction let you make the best choice more clearly, thereby protecting your furniture for long-term use.

Cold rolled steel: It is harder than stainless steel, and generally has higher fatigue resistance, also more durable. For example, the opening and closing test, cold-rolled steel hinge/slide opening and closing test (a kind of aging test), our cold-rolled steel hinge/slide is over 50,000 times, and many stainless steel open-close times is relatively small (about 2-30000), but now kav’s stainless steel hinge can also pass 50000 times, and it is made of all stainless steel (all accessories can be made of stainless steel).

Stainless steel: The degree of rust resistance is much better, usually salt spray test is used to measure rust resistance. 

Cold rolled steel material: 24-48 hours salt spray test(different grades of materials have different results) ;Stainless steel: 48-72-96 hours salt spray test(different grades of materials have different results)

Moreover, the properties of different grades of stainless steel are different: SS201 is a more general stainless steel, which has better rust and corrosion resistance than cold-rolled steel; SS304 stainless steel pipe has a slightly higher chromium and nickel content from the perspective of composition, and it is anti-rust , Corrosion resistance is better than 201; SS316 stainless steel is of better quality than 304 stainless steel, more wear-resistant, oxidation-resistant, and high-temperature resistance. At the same time, the corrosion resistance is also greatly increased. But 316 is very expensive, usually used in medical and high-level subjects, and furniture hardware is less used. And order raw materials in large quantities, and there are not many applications, so the MOQ requirements are large.

Therefore, if you do not have strict anti-rust requirements, you can choose cold-rolled steel material, the price is more economical, such as living room, bedroom, storage room, office, factory and other relatively dry environments. If you are in a relatively humid environment such as bathroom and kitchen, it is better to choose stainless steel hinge and slides and kav stainless steel sinks and kitchen baskets series.

kav dish drying rack in ss 304 and ss201

high quality kav dish drying rack

kav dish drying rack, just put your bowl and dish into the rack…
made of high quality stainless steel, SS201 OR SS304, just as you like, the finishing, usually can be matte (or we call satin or brush. ) or glossy.
Movable layer spacing:Place the dish rack or bowl rack in a reasonable position based on the height of the items you have placed, which is very convenient. dish,bowl,tableware, plates and cups can be placed.
Easy to Clean:this rack is designed to hang on to the mounting seat by means of a slot. It is very convenient for you to remove the shelf and clean it at any time, can hold dishes,plates,and cups.
Convinent drain for rack:Keep the Countertop clean and tidy, kav dish drying rack drying stand is equipped with a separate water tray for pouring water out of the dish at any time,suitable for kitchen.
Easy installation: easily to install with instructions, dish rack won’t shake around if you install properly basing on the instruction.
Durable: kav dish racks are all made of stainless steel, effectively enhance rust and corrosion resistance,avoid the damage of acids and to ensure long lasting durability.

How to realize a smart kitchen?

How to realize a smart kitchen?

How to realize a smart kitchen? Smart furniture hardware is indispensable.
We will introduce the electric cabinet door support among them.