kav push to open device and push to open hinge with soft close

push to open hinge with soft close

Usually, when you are looking for handle free furniture hardwre in the market, you will find push to open hinges, But usually push to open close hinge is only for with push open function, and when you open it, the door might open very suddently, and make the door open and moving very fast. But this is no more like this , with kav kav push to open device and…

kav going live forcast-Different Cabinet hinges and the advantage of them

kav cabinet hinge

There are so many kinds of hinges for furniture, the cabinets, glass doors, and so on

From function aspect, we kav got cabinets for wood cabinets door, glass door for shower rooms,
From different disign of the cabinets, we go full overlay, half overlay, and insert,
From the using feeling and customer feeling aspect, we got soft close hinge, one way hinge, two way hinges for your option, it depends how would you like your furniture and cabinets or kitchen cupboard to looks like, to be simple or luxury. and more…

Top 10 Best Sellers of KAV in the First Sales Quarter 2018

Top 10 Best Sellers of KAV in the First Sales Quarter 2018

How time flies! Its end of May of 2018 already, and the first sales quater of 2018 is already over. Today I would like to intruduce the top 10 best sellerS of KAV in the first sales quarter (Feb-April). According to the sales record, below is the top 10 best sellers of KAV products: Contact KAV. Now: www.kavhinge.com www.havhinge.com/catalogue Gary Yu tel:13825770682 wechat: 13825770682 whatsapp:+8613825770682 email:gary@kavhinge.com 1.E660H05 double wall drawer…