The benefits of wardrobe hardware

The wardrobe is the most troublesome protagonist of the season. The clothes and beddings of spring, summer, autumn and winter must have a place. In this limited space, what kind of hardware should we choose to place these complex items. Today we will introduce you to the three essential hardware in the closet and the reasons for choosing them.

Trousers rack: It can ensure that the trousers are fully stretched and keep the trousers flat and beautiful, and the trousers rack is equipped with non-slip tape to prevent the trousers from slipping.

pants hanger, trousers organizers

Jewelry box: It has a variety of storage spaces, which can be used flexibly to store jewelry, watches, ties, etc., so that the items in the wardrobe are clear. It is beautiful and practical.


Jewelry Drawer Organizer

Clothing leather basket: It can store thin bedding, such as sheets, pillow towels, blankets and other items, or some non-wrinkle sweaters, casual pants, etc. The use of space in the wardrobe can be more rationalized.

luxury soft close clothes basket


Hurry up to own them, and give you a neat closet!

One more important thing is these hardware can be combined with our intelligent electric servo pusher. If you install it, your hardware can be opened in multiple ways, such as handle free push to open,remote control open, metal knob induction touch open.




kav soft close drawer slides

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