US and China call a ceasefire in trade dispute-Market will be thriving-so as KAV hinge and drawer slides business


Great news for 520(means I love you in China (520 sounds like I love you in Chinese)).
With this great news, I believe the business will grown faster and faster for the whole market in the world.
Which means same thing with KAV products. As the whole market becoming more thriving, the market of
furniture and hardware is also getting thriving.

With the profession product lines: Cabinet hinges, drawer slides,double wall drawer system.
Kav takes “innovation, sharing, win-win” as its core ideas, which demands us do what customers think and super customers’ expectation.

Come on! KAV is here waiting for you, with the support of KAV your business will grow very fast and stable.
You can check out this from those cooperate with KAV now.Check what happen in the market

The earlier you come and cooperate with KAV, the earlier you get your great opportunity to earn you another bucket of gold.

Contact KAV. Now:
Gary Yu
wechat: 13825770682

kav soft close drawer slides

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