What caused the drop out of kav Soft Close Ball Bearing slides?

I’ve received the QQ message last week, from a customer worked with many years, he complaints if we’ve changed the quality, cause the workman reflects they are too easy to get broken. ‘’The quality is remain the same, no change at all, how many sets have this problem? “A lot……They told me before and the manager asked if we’ve changed the supplier. He sent me a photos and invite me to see if it is caused by improper installation. , this is the first time the problem comes out for these years.

We are paying a visit at their factory, I’ve pulled$pushed the drawer with our kav soft close ball bearing slide, find the drawer is too loose, thus it works hard and have some noise. We’ve figured it our and measured the space left for slides, it is 28MM, it is away our standard date which is 26mm, so I asked if they can miner the space.

The production excutive comes, “The space required is 13MM for each side, so equals 26MM for two sides. Our slides would work perfectly when the space is between 26 to 26.5MM, the slides would shake when it is more than 27MM. See, the drawer is too loose with 28MM and we can hardly accurate the hole position, it can be easily get broken!

Interrupted by the manager, he was so angry to say it can not be such accurate and it is normal with 1-2mm difference. The slides are useless and so many were broken.

I was convinced and he is right. It is normal with 1-2mm difference, so many broken can be the problem. And I required them to installed the slides face by face, then we can check what is the problem. While they don’t have this item in stock. Glad to hear that our single extension undermount slide is no problem at all.

It drive me crazy and they took me to the broken items, we’ve found that most of the screws in fixed slide were deformed, I’ve explained this situation and they replied, the worked would use a large force to pull them out the slide if they are found broken.

It is possible, then how to do? I’ve checked couples of defect ones, and tell them that the problem is unexpected, we’ve made the Soft Close ball bearing slide for such long time, the defect rate is too high, if it is truly our quality problem. How dare we to export it to hundreds of countries and regions, and with high quality feedback? I want to see how you installed the slide directly for the whole day, maybe I can find the reason.

he purchaser feels nothing to say then arrange the schedule for the other day. I am very depression cause two hours have been wasted and the problem is still unsloved. I ma ready to say goodbye and happy to know that their QC is on his way, he is well known with the workshop and show me around the branch workshop, it makes me very happy.

Walked into another workshop, it shakes even more than the first one, and from top, we can see the ball bearing slide is not tight fitted with the drawer, means the space is too large. We measured and it is 5MM difference. I can’t believe and measure again for at least 4 times, the manager measure by himself and yes, the space is around 30-31MM, which is too large for the installation.I’ve explained the reason again, and suggest to control the space. It is not easy to get broken. The load capacity can be 30KG and 50000 times open-closed is definetly no problem. And with the special position in the middle slide, little difference is no problem. Then protect the balls drop out.

I’ve left our catalogue to their manager. And hope they can refer to the installation data to install the slides, there is no complaints from a single customers for these years.

Finally the problem is solved, here is the conclusion for the drop out problem, one is cause by the nonideal position between middle slide and small part of the bearing. Another is the structure is too tight, otherwise it can not get broken easily.

kav soft close drawer slides

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