What other special angle cabinet hinges does kav make ,apart from standard 95-110 degree hinges ?—kav hinge series 9

Special Angle Cabinet Hinges has become a popular item among furniture factory and also some hotel decoration company .Today we are going to talk about what kind of Special Angle Cupboard Hinges we have and in what circumstance we are going to use those types of hinges for taking good use of the whole cabinet .


Imaging that if your cabinet panel is NOT in the same line with the door panel for 180 degree when he door is fully opened ? What if your door panel and cabinet panel keeps parallel when the door is opened ? What if when the door is closed , the angle between door panel and cabinet panel above 90 degree , like 115 degree ,120degree and 135 degree ? What kind of hinges would you choose ? Let view some photos for all situation below

cabinet hinge

When door closed : Door Panel + Cabinet Panel =180 degree
In this case , we suggest to use our Flat Open 90
degree hinge which can be soft close and clip on

90 degree soft-closing hinge(Fixed)


And besides ,we also have to consider if we build one cabinet in the house corner so the door is very hard to open on the wall side .So in this case what can we do to take full advantage of all space to make the cabinet looks perfect ? Below are photos for analysis for different angle between cabinet panel and door panel .

hinges      cabinet hinges


And in modern life ,people are pursuing high quality life . In order to simplify the house furniture and make it looks modern and intelligent, more and more people are using the 165 degree soft close hinge, which can hide some drawers inside the cabinet or wardrobe to enable to outlook more coordinate .Below photos for your reference .

165 degree soft close cabinet hinges
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kav soft close drawer slides

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