What’s the Difference Between One Way Hinge and Two Way Hinge?

What’s the difference between one way cabinet hinge and two way cabinet hinge? Lest me tell you something to help you to make your decision.

One Way cabinet hinge, is hinge that will make the door closed directly without stopping in the middle, the door will close quickly after installing one way cabinet hinge, whose feature is quick and powerful. If you are willing to have such quick and powerful effect, one way furniture hinge is your best choice.  (Click here to check more information of KAV one way cabinet hinge)

Two Way cabinet hinge: the door can stop at any angle before 45 degree, after 45 degree, the door will close automatically. Of course, there some cabinet hinge that will auto close at 30 degree and some will auto close after 60 degree.(Click here to check more information of KAV two way cabinet hinge)

As for customers, they can choose one way furniture hinge or two way cupboard hinge basis on themselves. If you want to promote these hinge to your customer you can fist ask them what would they like their cabinet to be. Do they want the door close fast and powerful, you can promote KAV one way cabinet hinge to them. If they would like their door to be close with stoppable function in the middle, you can promote KAV two way hinges to your customer.

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