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Kav intelligent furniture hardware video show, provides a common tutorial on the installation and debugging skills of cabinet hinges, welcome to further view the video content.
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Kav intelligent furniture hardware exhibition show, witnessed kav product's footprints all over the world in recent years, welcome to further view the exhibition.
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  • 175° cabinet hinges cover thick-door

    170° hinge is suitable for cabinet doors of various thicknesses without drilling. It adopts 2.0mm cold-rolled steel plate and double load 20 kg, stable and very safe and secure. The installation of 170 degree cabinet hinge is very easy and fast, it can be full cover, half cover, and can be directly fixed with self-tapping screws. Feature: No need to...

    2021/5/4     120 views

  • kav full extension adjusting soft close concealed slide

    Now we will introduce our product, a full extension synchronize soft closing concealed slide with 3D handle.

    2021/5/4     116 views

  • Soft close hinge for Aluminum door

    Cabinet door opens and closes number to amount to tens of thousands of times, the stand or fall of aluminum frame hydraulic pressure hinge/high end cabinet hinges appear very important. Practice has proved that according to the nature of the use of ambry with aluminum frame door component itself, all sorts of domestic hinge are very inaccessible aluminum frame door...

    2021/5/4     122 views

  • Cabinet hinge

    kav one way soft close hinge

    One way soft close hinge (hydraulic cabinet hinge) is known as hydraulic hinge, which relies on a new technology to adapt to the closing speed of the door. Even if you use force to close the door, it will close softly, ensuring perfect movement and quietness. Soft close hinges (hydrolic hinge) are suitable for the door connection of wardrobes, bookcases,...

    2021/4/30     128 views

  • kav wardrobe pants rack

    The wardrobe pantry frame is the wardrobe storage piece specially designed in the wardrobe for the dress, the trousers, the tie, some unsuitable folding clothing. The trousers bar frame of wardrobe trousers frame is generally made of aluminum magnesium alloy. An anti-slip rubber strip is arranged on the trousers frame to prevent the trousers from sliding and to keep the...

    2021/4/27     126 views

  • kav clip on soft close hinge

    This hinge is one of our company’s best~selling products. we.use the best cold~rolled steel in china to manufacture. it has passed the salt spray test for 48 hours and is durable and corrosion~resistant. soft close hinge weights about 100 grams,and the base can be disassembled. it can be easily installed even if a person is at home without help.and the...

    2021/4/26     141 views

  • kav 3D soft close cabinet hinge

    Hinges are often used for cabinet door installation,classified by material,hinge can be divided into stainless steel hinge and normal hinge! And to offer much better experience, 3D adjustable hydraulic hinge is gradually emerging in the market! 3D soft close cabinet hinge got a cushioning effect which can minimize the noise during operation! Also,hinge quality affects the service life of furniture,...

    2021/4/23     134 views

  • kav push to open and soft close Jewelry box with servo drive

    Shakespeare once said: Jewelry is silent, but can understand women’s hearts better. For woman, they are regarded as treasures, because they have nothing to do with status, money or appearance. kav Wardrobe Jewelry Box in the home brings a lot of convenience to people’s life and Wardbrobe Jewelry Box brings joy to the people who change cloths in the cloakroom. You...

    2021/4/23     134 views

  • kav Automated Kitchen Lift Basket

    if you install an electric lifting basket, you can store a variety of items at will. It can also be easily accessed at high places, which greatly improves the use of the wall cabinet. rate. When in use, lightly press to lower, convenient to take dishes and seasonings, and raise and hide in the wall cabinet when not in use...

    2021/4/22     147 views

  • rotary mirror

    kav wardrobe LED light rotary sliding mirror

    Installing a mirror on the wardrobe is a well-recognized decoration scheme to many manufacturers and consumers, but we got really too many types of mirrors in our life. In addition to a full-length mirror inlaid on the outside, we can also choose some different styles or designs. For example, for friends who got not big in the size of the wardrobe and cannot meet the storage...

    2021/4/20     141 views